Human Rights First: Blue Witness

Blue Witness Program

United States of America has always been the country that represents freedom. As stated in the constitution, every citizen has the “…freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion, freedom from cruel and unusual punishment…” In order to protect the basic human rights and freedom of the citizens, Human Rights First came up with a program that focuses on the unjust police use of force… The Blue Witness Project

Predicting income based on your background


Income is very important because it influences the choices we make in our lives. The quality of our health and lifestyle will be different if we have higher or lower income. I think we should always strive to have a higher income, because when we do, we will have more time to do other things that will make us happy. However, it is sometimes hard to pinpoint the variables that play in order to have a higher income.

…but — WHAT IF WE CAN?


This dataset is from a census in the United States about the people’s background and if…

Depressing Reality About Rich Countries

Does wealth affect mental health? As I researched on the question, I saw an interesting article on how money changes the way a person thinks and feels. Here is a fascinating comment within the article:

One might assume that lower-income families are in more risk of mental health issues because they have more challenging situations such as providing for their basic needs, so it’s surprising to learn that wealthier people are more prone to mental…

Joan Villar

Data Science Student

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